Dinosaur Bounce House / Waterslide Combo


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Product Information:

Introducing the mighty Dino Bounce House Waterslide Combo, where prehistoric adventure meets aquatic fun! This extraordinary inflatable structure is the perfect centerpiece for any outdoor event or party, capturing the imagination of children and adults alike.

Standing tall and vibrant, the Dino Bounce House Waterslide Combo features a massive dinosaur-themed design, complete with towering T-Rexes.. This visually stunning display instantly transports guests to a lost world of dinosaurs, sparking their curiosity and igniting their sense of adventure.

The main attraction of this inflatable wonderland is its incredible waterslide. Starting from a lofty platform, young explorers can climb to the top, feeling the exhilaration build as they anticipate the thrill of the descent. Once they reach the summit, they embark on a fast and slippery journey, sliding down the twisty and turning waterslide. The refreshing water splashes against them, creating an exciting and refreshing experience.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! As children reach the end of the waterslide, they land safely in a spacious bouncing area, specially designed with the highest quality materials to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Within the bounce house, they can jump, leap, and bounce with joy, exploring the fascinating world of dinosaurs that surrounds them.

Safety is a top priority, and the Dino Bounce House Waterslide Combo incorporates the latest safety features. The structure is constructed with durable, puncture-resistant materials and is meticulously engineered to provide a secure and stable environment. High, protective walls surround the entire structure, keeping children safe while they bounce and slide.

The Dino Bounce House Waterslide Combo is also equipped with safety nets and secure entry and exit points, allowing parents and guardians to easily monitor the children's activities. The vibrant colors and attention to detail in the design create an inviting and visually striking play area that guarantees hours of entertainment.

Ideal for backyard parties, community events, or even large-scale celebrations, this incredible inflatable masterpiece brings together the excitement of a bounce house and the thrill of a waterslide, all wrapped in a captivating dinosaur-themed package. Get ready to embark on a prehistoric adventure and make unforgettable memories with the Dino Bounce House Waterslide Combo!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

30′ L x 13′ W x 15′ H

🚚 DELIVERY: We deliver to Fort Myers and surrounding areas (delivery fees calculated at checkout).

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🌧 RAIN POLICY: You can reschedule your rental due to rain at no extra cost as long as 24 hour notice is given.

👧👦 OCCUPANCY: A maximum of 5-6 kids of equal size at one time for bounce houses, and 1 person at a time for slides is what most inflatable manufacturers recommend.

🧽 CLEANING: All units are cleaned and sanitized before use.


Extension Cord


Safety Stakes to secure to ground


Enough space for us to setup your rental

Electric outlet within 50 feet of setup area

Water source and water hose if renting a water slide


Space Needed:

35' L X 18 ' W

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